Chemical & Instrumentation
Particle Size Analyzer

The particle size analyzer of Microtrac 53500 is based on trilaser system for wet & dry method . The 53500 measures scattered light from particles in a laser beam. The amount of direction of light scattered by the particles measured by optical detector arrays is analysed to determine the particle size distribution. The measuring range is between 0.243 microns to 1408 microns. The particle size analyzer is used in many application requirements for the pharmaceutical products, pigments, bulk drugs, speiality chemicals.

Particulate Matter

It is based on light obscuration particle count test of subvisible particles of small volume parentrals (injections) , large volume parentrals [infusions] & ophthalmic solutions. The detection range is between 2 microns & 123 microns.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography [H.P.L.C.]

MALPL employs a various H.P.L.C. System with autosampler, R.I. detector to evaluate the quality of formulated products, impurity profile and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The system is equipped with the latest version of clarity and empower software [CFR21 -Part II compliant] and high quality columns like Zorbax, Inertsil, Lichrocart and Chiral etc.

Gas Liquid Chromatography [G.L.C.] with Headspace

MALPL employs various GC like varian 3400CxG.C with Head Space analyzer & autosampler to estimate the purity or content of the substances, which have properties of vaporization at higher temperature. Residual solvents of Class I & Class II are tested as per their PDE limits by Head Space arrangement. Number of samples with the same operating parameters can be estimated in a sequence.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer [A.A.S.]

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is used to estimate elemental substances present in the formulated products. Some of the elements present due to their low absorption character and toxic elements present in low concentration are estimated by the use of a hydrated generator.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer [F.T.I.R.]

This is used for the measurement of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation in infrared region. It consists of an optical system capable of providing monochromatic light in the region of 4000 to 625 cm-1. This is normally used for identification of drugs.

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